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King Net is a leading supplier and manufacturer of professional entertainment microphone accessories and gooseneck such as all kinds of connectors and cable assembles plugs and sockets accompany with high-quality equipment and excellent experience cover more than two decades.

XLR Connector Manufacturer | Made in Taiwan

King Net Enterprise Co., Ltd. is your leading industry resource for manufacturers and product information on the XLR connector, XLR chassis. With many years of experience, we have the core technical knowledge for right angle XLR, XLR female connector to satisfy our customers' demands. We have devoted ourselves to serve the clients with our durability, fair price and strong efficiency of right angle XLR. If you are interested in XLR female connector, please feel free to contact us.
King Net Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an acknowledged leader in the manufacture of XLR connector, XLR chassis, with distribution across the globe. Our company is a well-developed manufacturer of right angle XLR. We provide a variety of XLR female connector, including XLR connector, all with superior quality. We take pride in providing everything you need-even parts that are really hard to find-and making it easy for you to find and purchase these items. Moreover, we have a team of quality analysts who are highly qualified and experienced. They check the quality of these products on various parameters to ensure their utility in various sectors.